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Organic Chemistry I (ACHM 220)

Pre-organic Chemistry (ACHM 143)

The mission of the class is to find a way to help undergraduate student make a smooth transition from General Chemistry to Organic Chemistry. There are probably two major reasons for sophomore undergraduate who could do General Chemistry well but not Organic Chemistry. One is that the gap on knowledge level between General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry is fairly large. Most of freshman college students have been introduced to general chemistry at high school in certain level. Therefore, the transition between high school level chemistry to college level general chemistry is manageable. However, when students enter to the second year, organic chemistry is total new subject for most of them. Together with abstract orbital theory, the 3-D molecular structures and much deeper mechanistic studies, students could be easily lost in the first half part of Organic Chemistry. The other is that the way to learn General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry is very different. To learn “How To Learn” is another serious project for undergraduate students. Pre-Organic Chemistry is to introduce organic chemistry to freshman and teach them the way to learn Organic Chemistry in their following semester.