Sociology Professional Community for Transfers
The Sociology Professional Community for Transfers is designed for incoming transfer students who are planning to major in sociology. Students in this Transfer Community take two courses in the fall semester as well as participate in co-curricular activities designed to prepare community members for law school, graduate school, and careers in related fields.

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There is space on Alumni Quad to live with other students in the Sociology Professional Community for Transfers, however living together is optional. You can be a part of this community whether you live on Alumni, somewhere else on campus, or commute! Living with other transfers who have similar goals and interests means you will have a supportive network of peers right from the start. You can study together and attend social and co-curricular programming together. Friendships form quickly in Learning Communities!


Members of the Sociology Professional Community for Transfers will take a 1-credit seminar together as well as a 3-credit course together in the fall semester. Members will also attend UAlbany events and functions together. Many students find them to be excellent ways to meet other students and become acquainted with their new program.

Fall 2019 Transfer Community Course:
ASOC 220: Introduction to Social Research

Examples of co-curricular activities:

  • Career panels with representatives from different fields in sociology
  • Social Gatherings with your community friends
  • Guest speakers on cutting edge topics
  • Meals with your friends and faculty
  • Study groups and re view sessions for sociology classes




As a member of a Transfer Community you will have a built in community of friends and colleagues right from the start!

Friends: Study and socialize with fellow Transfer Community members. Tackle courses with your friends by forming study groups where you live!

Transfer Transition Leaders: Learn the ropes from an undergraduate peer mentor who also transferred into UAlbany. Transfer Transition Leaders are highly motivated students who have successfully transitioned to UAlbany. They are terrific academic and social resources. 

If you are an active member within your community and want to help future transfer students, you could become a Transfer Transition Leader for the Sociology Professional Community for Transfers after your first semester!

Lead Faculty Member: Get to know a member of the faculty outside of the classroom!
Sociology Professional Community for Transfers Lead Faculty: Professor Katherine Trent

World Representatives: Leadership opportunities abound in the Transfer Communities! Earn a spot as a World Representative by being a leader in your community! World Representatives are elected by the Transfer Communities to represent the group at meetings throughout the academic year.