How to Help Survivors of Sexual Misconduct

How to Help

If you have recently learned about another person’s experience with sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking, there are ways to help:

  • Listen. Don’t judge. Offer comfort.
  • Let the victim/survivor determine the parameters of their disclosure. Do not probe for details.
  • Remember that experiences of this nature take from a person their sense of individual power and control. As such, be mindful to allow them to be in control in the aftermath of their victimization.
  • Avoid unsolicited physical contact.
  • Encourage, but do not insist, that the victim/survivor seek out support services and medical attention. Offer to assist them in connecting with these resources (link to the resources tab).
  • Know and be clear and upfront about your ability to maintain confidentiality or your obligation to report. See, information for responsible employees (link to REE page).
  • Reinforce the message that the victim/survivor is not at fault.

Additional Resources for Employees