Options for Non-Confidential Reporting

In accordance with the Victim/Survivor Bill of Rights, victims/survivors shall have the right to pursue more than one of the options below at the same time, or to choose not to participate in any of the options below. If a victim/survivor chooses to make a report to one or more of the entities listed below, an advocate from the University’s Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence will be available to assist in the reporting process.

The University, which includes

or from Law Enforcement

The Title IX Coordinator is available to provide information and assistance regarding an instance of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and/or stalking. If a victim/survivor wishes to keep their identity private, they may seek guidance from the Advocacy Center on Sexual Violence or they may call the Title IX Coordinator anonymously to discuss the situation and available options.

Reports of Sexual Misconduct can be made to the Title IX coordinator as follows:

For more information on Non-Confidential Reporting, please see the University at Albany Sexual Misconduct Response Policy.