Confidential Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct

The Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence

The Advocates at the University at Albany’s Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence are available to assist student victim/survivors without sharing information that could identify them. Federal law requires that these individuals report only the nature, date, time, and general location of an incident to University's Assistant Vice President for Equity and Compliance and Title IX Coordinator, but will consult with you to ensure no personally identifying details are shared without your consent. While Advocacy Center employees are not considered confidential resources as discussed above, it is important to understand that they will not share a victim/survivors name, or any other identifiable information without the victim/survivors consent.

The Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence

Indian Quad
Seneca Hall Basement, Suite 009

Additionally, the following on campus locations offer victim/survivors the opportunity to disclose sexual violence confidentially. Individuals at these locations are classified as confidential resources.  As such, they will not report crimes to law enforcement or college officials without permission, except for in extreme circumstances, such as a health and/or safety emergency. At the University at Albany this includes:

Counseling and Psychological Services


400 Patroon Creek Blvd
Suite 104
Albany, NY

Student Health Services


400 Patroon Creek Blvd
Suite 200
Albany, NY

Interfaith Center


1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY

Off-campus Options to Disclose Sexual Misconduct

Victim/Survivors may also confidentially disclose the incident and obtain services from the following off-campus resources and hotlines. Victims/survivors are encouraged to additionally contact a campus confidential or private resource so that the campus can take appropriate action in these cases.

Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center

Equinox, Inc.


The Employee Assistance Program
Staff and faculty can make confidential reports of sexual misconduct to the counselors of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Anonymous Reporting
Anonymous reports of sexual violence can be made by visiting the Title IX reporting form and typing the word "anonymous" in the field designated for a reporters name.  Individuals may also have an anonymous conversation with the Title IX Coordinator during which a report can be made or questions can be addressed by calling 518-956-8168.