University at Albany

Productions 1980-1989

Tartuffe, Studio Theatre, 1989

'Night, Mother, Lab Theatre, 1989

The Tavern, Main Theatre, 1989

The Diviners, Lab Theatre, 1989

Desire Under the Elms, Studio Theatre, 1988

Measure for Measure, 1988

Love du Jour, Studio Theatre, 1988

On the Verge, Lab Theatre, 1988

Biloxi Blues, Main Theatre, 1987

Medea, Lab Theatre, 1987

The Taming of the Shrew, Main Theatre, 1987

The Night of the Iguana, Lab Theatre, 1987

Maids, 1987

Dracula, Main Theatre, 1986

Buried Child, Studio Theatre, 1986

Twelfth Night, Main Theatre, 1986

The Club, Studio Theatre, 1986

The Great God Brown, Main Theatre, 1985

The End of the World, Lab Theatre, 1985

Our Town, Main Theatre, 1985

The Fifth of July, Studio Theatre, 1985

Amadeus, Lab Theatre, 1984

The Furies, Main Theatre, 1984

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On, Summer Theatre, 1984

The Mousetrap, Main Theatre, 1984

John Brown's Body, Studio Theatre, 1984

Three Sisters, Lab Theatre, 1984

Look Homeward, Angel, Main Theatre, 1983

The Glass Menagerie, Summer Theatre, 1983

The Woolgatherer, Summer Theatre, 1983

She Stoops to Conquer, Main Theatre, 1983

Miss Julie, Arena Theatre, 1983

Getting Out, Lab Theatre, 1983

The Doily Sisters, Studio Theatre, 1982

The Bakkhai, Main Theatre, 1982

Equus, Lab Theatre, 1982

Remove Your Toes, 1982

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 1982

Boys in the Band, 1982

House of Bemarda Alba, 1981

Six Characters in Search of an Author, 1981