Awards and Scholarships

Burian Award

Established by the late Professor Emeritus Jarka M. Burian (Theatre) and Mrs. Grayce Susan Burian ('63, M.A. '64). Awarded annually to a graduating Theatre major who, having taken 90 credits at the University at Albany, has earned the highest grade point average in all courses taken at the University. click here for award recipients


Hazel English Ferris Award

Candidate for the award must be a Theatre major with junior or senior standing, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in all Theatre classes. She or he must have made a significant contribution to the Department in one or more of the following areas: classwork, production, performance, design, technology, dramaturgy, research, and publicity. Candidate must complete a 2-3 page essay describing how involvement in classes and/or production in the Department of Theatre will benefit future work (professional or non-professional, graduate school, theatre, or non-theatre related). "Essay due date is mid-spring. Please keep an eye on the callboard for more information." click here for award recipients


Agnes E. Futterer Award

Each year, the Department of Theatre honors the memory of Agnes E. Futterer, the creator of our program, by making an award to a graduating senior. The faculty select the senior who has made the most significant contribution to our program and Department during his or her undergraduate career. click here for award recipients


Agnes E. Futterer Memorial Fellowship

The Agnes E. Futterer Memorial Fellowship was established through the efforts of the Theatre Alumni Association to honor, in perpetuity, the memory of Agnes E. Futterer, professor of English and drama at SUNY from 1917 to 1959.

The fellowship is an award toward the support of study in a recognized theatre program. A candidate for the award of the Agnes E. Futterer Memorial Fellowship must have earned a bachelor's degree from the University at Albany, must have been in residence at the University for a minimum of two years as an undergraduate, and must have shown evidence of superior talent, character, personality, and interest in theatre/drama or theatre-related fields at the University or at any other accredited institution or recognized theatre program. click here for award recipients


Harold Gould Award for Excellence in Interpretive Speech

Established by Harold Gould '47. Awarded to a student who has demonstrated the greatest proficiency in speaking words of heightened language. The award is based on the degree to which the student appreciates the effectiveness of the spoken word as it integrates with the other performing elements in expressing logical and emotional content.


Kimberly Wilson Memorial Award

This award is given in honor/memory of Kim Wilson, respected friend, student, and colleague, as a living testament from all who knew her - for far too short a time. Kim was affable, selfless, and humorous; possessed knowledge, good sense, and skill; and sought greater wisdom, friendship, and understanding. click here for award recipients