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After all, in real life, people don't spend every
moment in shooting one another, hanging themselves,
or making declarations of love. They do not spend all
their time saying clever things. They are more occupied
with eating, drinking, flirting, and saying stupidities, and
these are the things which ought to be shown on stage....
People eat their dinner, just eat their dinner, and all
the time their happiness is taking form, or their
lives are being destroyed.

A comic drama about a love-sick young man, a popular author, and two actresses: one middle-aged
and failing, the other young and aspiring. Art, philosophy and literature in fin de siecle Russia provide
the backdrop for love triangles that smolder and ignite, fed by the flames of romantic idealism.



Arkadina (Irina Nikolayevna Trepleva), an actress: Patricia McAuliff
Treplev(Constantine Gavrilovich Treplev), her son: Michael Ortolano
Nina (Nina Mikhailovna Zerechnaya), daughter of a rich land owner: Faith Ruggerio
Shamrayev (Ilya Afanasyevich), Sorin's estate manager: Greg Gordon
Polina (Polina Andreyevna), his wife: Jessica Starrs
Masha (Marya Ilyinicha), his daughter: Elizabeth Purcell
Trigorin (Boris Alekseyevich), a novelist: David Birch
Dorn (Yevgeny Sergeyevich), a doctor: Guy Rader
Medvedenko (Semyon Semyonovich), a teacher: Jesse Aviram
Yakov, a servant: Kristopher Anderson
Singer: Michael DeMeo


Director: William A. Leone
Costume Designer: .Anne Sawyer
Costume Supervisor: Janet Sussman
Lighting Designer: Scott Conn
Sound Designer: Michael DeMeo
Make-Up Designer: Paula Ehrenberg


Technical Director: John Knapp
Costumer: Greg A. West
Stage Manager: Alana Fuchs
Assistant Stage Managers: Daniel Koenig & Charlene Potsch
Electrics Supervisor: Nicole Sweeney
Properties Supervisor: Laura Manning
Wardrobes Supervisor: Amanda Clark
Acting Coach: Brendan Gallagher
Light Board Operator: Jessica Gaffney
House Manager: Koryn Kelley
Scene Shop Technicians and Electricians: Jennifer Cicelsky, Scott Conn, Lily Fossner,
Laura Manning, Nicole Sweeney

Costume Shop Technicians: Joseph Bellissimo, Jessica Gaffney, Muey Lau, Anne Sawyer

The Students of THR 201

Poster and Program Cover Design: Michael Mayhew
Poster and Program Cover Illustration: Mark Entwisle
Poster and Program Layout: Patrick Ferlo


Producer: Langdon Brown
Theatre Department Secretary: Kate Callan
Performing Arts Center Director: Patrick Ferlo
Performing Arts Center Secretary: Cathy Baker