Media Savvy Course

To advance more media savvy social workers, a social work course was created to teach students the skills needed to gain some of these critical media competencies. This course, which debuted in the Summer of 2014, provided students with skills in using internet radio. Such training served as a practice forum to conduct interviews, be interviewed, and gain experience crafting their words to give clear, concise, informative information to their audience in an engaging way. Students learned how to adapt their social work skills to the world of radio and other forms of media.

Both BSW and MSW students learned to integrate their own personality into the show and to be genuine. With the accessibility of modern technology, anyone can create a podcast or show as a way to share their knowledge. However, that does not mean that they have the skills to engage the guest and audience so that people want to listen. That ability to inform while being engaging and entertaining is what makes all the difference.

For more information on the Media Savvy Social Work Course, please contact Alyssa Lotmore who developed and instructs the course.

What are the benefits of being involved with The Social Workers Radio Show? How can it help you in your professional career? Listen to highlights from a former Media Savvy student who discusses how the skills learned on the show have helped her as a social work professional.