What people are saying

The Social Workers Radio Talk Show is a valuable resource for our community to come together and raise awareness about important issues that affect everyone. Kathryn and the team care about their guests and the topics they discuss, and they put their heart into the show. Issues affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community don’t often get the attention they need, but The Social Workers has shown it’s dedication to bringing those issues front and center. We are proud to have been the show’s first guest!”

Nora Yates
Executive Director Pride Center of the Capital Region NY

Media Savvy Social Work Students (those who took the Media Savvy Social Work course)

"I am honored to have been able to participate in this pilot class. As a social worker in training I believe that learning how to present the profession of social work as well as how to effectively speak to media and the public about social work issues is crucial. In this class I learned how to speak with clarity and authority about topics I am passionate about and how to listen and successfully interview others about those topics. I wasn't sure what this class was going to provide in the way of my social work education, but I was not disappointed. The things I learned from this course will remain with me throughout the rest of my education and carry into my professional career. Being Media Savvy is something every social worker should strive to be. I hope to continue on helping with the Social Workers radio program while a student at the University at Albany and I also am considering having my own radio show broadcasted from there as well." - Kathleen, MSW student

"This class was new and innovative. It taught me new ways as well as the importance to promote the work we do as social workers in order to get our messages out there in the media and be the ones to tell our own stories or give voice to the voiceless." - LaMar, MSW student

"This class has strengthened my communication skills and has made me aware of how I can spread social work messages to a larger population. This class was great and I think it should be offered to students in other schools." - Collina, MSW student

"This class was a good idea. I learned a lot about social work, marketing and interviewing skills. I also learned a lot about how to better express my thoughts." - Renee, MSW student