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Graduate Studies in English

Information for Graduate Students in the English Department

  • English Graduate Student Organizations, Profiles, and Tools
  • EGSO
  • Student Profiles
  • Tools

Tools and Forms for Students

  • Academic Calendar
    Refer to this calendar for start and end dates of registration, classes, drop/adds, and exams.
  • Academic Forms
    RTF and PDF files of forms for students in the Information Studies master’s or certificate programs.
  • ERes
    Access to the Electronic Reserves service of the University at Albany libraries.
  • UAlbany Schedule of Classes
    A search tool to find UAlbany classes by semester, using a number of different criteria.

English Graduate Student Organization (E. G. S. O.)

The E. G. S. O. is the representative body of graduate students in the English department in relation to the larger Graduate Student Organization (G. S. O.), the department faculty and administration, and the university as a whole. The board of officers of this organization is responsible and reports to the G. S. O. and to the English Department Director of Graduate Studies. Its central duties include aiming to:

  • Ensure that graduate students communicate effectively and openly with departmental administration, and that departmental administration can access and call upon graduate students (e.g. for committees, orientations, workshops, events).
  • Provide programming that enhances the academic culture of the department, including but not limited to faculty and student lectures or workshops, readings, conferences, and social events.
  • Pay attention to the evolving needs of graduate students and work to innovatively develop these both in the university and as a national model.

Penalties and Procedures for Violations of Academic Integrity

University policy regarding student violations including plagiarism, self-plagiarism, cheating on examinations, multiple submissions of the same work, forgery, sabotage of another’s work, unauthorized collaboration, falsification, bribery, theft, damage, or misuses of library or computer resources.


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