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Planning Online Courses and Programs

The number one guiding principle articulated in the Framework for Online Teaching and Learning at UAlbany is Quality above all.  Regularity in planning, robust support services, and an environment for innovation will allow departments, programs, the faculty, and our students to thrive in the emerging paradigm of higher education. Best practices in key operational areas that support OTL at UAlbany will help to ensure quality in our offerings and outcomes. 

Course Development Planning Cycle

Time is a critical success factor that departments and the faculty need to consider when scheduling online courses. To ensure course quality, begin the course development process well in advance of the semester in which your course(s) will be offered.

Course Development and Innovation Programs

Prior to teaching online, you should engage in a formal UAlbany development program to achieve the highest possible course quality and satisfaction for faculty and students. Learn about our programs.

Standard Online Course Elements

Academically rigorous online learning is most successful within an OTL environment that minimizes technical, structural, and informational barriers, allowing students to devote their intellectual energy and motivation to a rich, and interactive learning experience in which they can succeed.

Technology Platforms

UAlbany maintains a centrally supported OTL environment that provides comprehensive, robust, and reliable capabilities and is interoperable with other systems, tools, and platforms to allow faculty with flexibility to utilize a variety of instructional technologies.


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