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Technology Support

UAlbany provides a centrally maintained and supported OTL environment that offers comprehensive, robust, and reliable capabilities and is interoperable with other systems, tools, and platforms to allow the faculty with flexibility to utilize a variety of instructional technologies. This enables the campus’ programs to scale appropriately, providing quality support for the faculty and students.

Standard Supported Technology

A number of campus-supported services and tools are considered required/standard platforms for online course delivery and instructional support.

  • Blackboard is the required delivery platform for online/hybrid courses. Each online course automatically has a Blackboard site provided for that semester, including automated daily roster synchronization. Students expect this to be the place to go to engage with their materials, classmates, and instructors and so Blackboard is considered the required access point for all online courses.

  • UAlbany Mail is the standard email system for all campus communication, including communication related to online teaching and learning – the UAlbany Mail address is assigned to each Blackboard account.

  • Skype for Business provides desktop conferencing to all faculty, staff, and students or UAlbany which includes IM, video chat (Skype), and content sharing, all with multi-user options. There is no fee for use of this service.

  • Electronic reserve service is provided by the University Libraries and is available via Blackboard.

  • Video streaming is provided through ITLAL media services using Real Media Helix server.

  • Other instructional technology tools that may not be provided directly by the campus could be beneficial to help online pedagogical and learning goals.

Note: In cases where an alternative platform or tool is employed, the instructor is responsible for both administrative and technical aspects and compliance with applicable copyright and privacy guidelines and considerations. This includes responsibility and risks related to roster synchronization and system access, identity verification issues, FERPA compliance, course & data backups, and technical support.


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