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Our weekly broadcast/internet radio program, Talking History focuses on all aspects of history: how we recall it, how we preserve it, how we interpret it, how we transform it into myth, and how we pass it on—as teachers, researchers, archivists, museum curators, and documentarians. The radio show is aimed at a non-professional audience, and is dedicated to bridging the gap between the history profession and a history-hungry public unaccustomed to the hair-splitting that many scholars are all-too-ready to engage in.

Founded by historians Gerald Zahavi (SUNY-Albany) and Bryan Le Beau (University of Missouri at Kansas City) back in 1996, Talking History has gone through various iterations and affiliations since then. It is currently co-produced by Gerald Zahavi and Susan McCormick as an hour-length show at the University at Albany, SUNY and airs over WRPI-FM (Troy, NY) and over the Internet on the World Wide Web. Zahavi and McCormick work on in-house productions, with additional program segments coming from various other sources: OAH-Talking History (, PRX, Pacifica Radio, independent producers (affiliated and unaffiliated with Talking History), and college and non-commercial radio stations from around the country.

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