The Consortium at a Glance

Education Initiative

Distance Education
In addition to traditional classroom education, the Consortium has funded distance education courses offered through the web and Learn Linc, an interactive computer based education software product that is available in all the local social services departments. Employees access the course from their office workstation. Web-based programs are also available where employees view video lectures and post reactions and question in on-line bulletins. The web-based platform is accessed at any convenient time for the employee.

Social Work Intern Stipends
Some regions offer stipends for MSW and BSW students interested in considering a career in child welfare. Students complete their social work field internship in a county child welfare agency. For some agencies that do not have a Master's level social worker on staff, the Consortium funds a field supervisor.

Curriculum Partnerships

SWEC will work with OCFS Director of the Bureau of Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations on the coordination and development of a curriculum for the schools of social welfare on the disproportionality of minority representation in child welfare. The curriculum will aid in establishing a common understanding of issues related to racial and ethnic disproportionality in child welfare. In addition, it will create an opportunity for diverse, multi-level organizational stakeholders to engage in critical conversations and action planning regarding the impact of race to achieve timely permanency and safe reductions in the rates of disproportionality and disparities for children of color in foster care. SWEC will complete three case studies of learning communities throughout New York State and prepare a report for OCFS.