BSW Scholars Program

The Social Work Education Consortium supports a career pathway for BSW students who want to make a positive difference in the lives of New York’s children and families by becoming caseworkers or child protective specialists. The upstate program places BSW seniors as interns in county child welfare agencies that offer the student a position upon graduation. The downstate program is a collaborative effort with the Children’s Corps and the Administration for Children’s Services in which the students become Children Corps members upon graduation and commit to work in the private child welfare agencies in the New York City metropolitan area. The two programs share many similarities and are described below.

New York City and the Greater Metropolitan Area

The New York State BSW Scholars Program / Children’s Corps Partnership is an exciting opportunity for BSW students in their senior year to acquire a specialization in child welfare work and to step into a case manager position in a private voluntary agency when they graduate. The collaboration with the Children’s Corps enhances the students’ preparation for child welfare work and provides the students with a seamless pathway to employment in New York City’s private child welfare agencies.

The New York City Administration of Children’s Services is a key partner in the program, and provides a year-long placement opportunity for the senior BSW students. A child welfare course is offered in conjunction with the internship experience to further advance the students’ knowledge and skills. The field instructors for the students are managers in ACS with MSW degrees who are committed to providing rich learning experiences for the interns.

As members of the Children’s Corps, the specially prepared BSW’s will transition to employment in a private child welfare agency and commit to two years of employment with the agency.

Detailed information about eligibility and application deadlines can be found here.

Upstate New York (Rest of New York)

The BSW Scholars Program offers a career pathway for senior BSW majors by providing them with an opportunity to acquire a specialization in child welfare work and to step into a child protective specialist or caseworker position in a county department of social services when they graduate. The students commit to two-years of work for the child welfare agency.

This challenging and rewarding program enables seniors to learn about public child welfare in a supportive year-long internship under the supervision and guidance of experienced caseworkers, supervisors, and peers.

What the Program Offers:
A career in child welfare as a child protective specialist or caseworker
A senior-year placement in a county department of social services
Currently, Albany County and Dutchess County are participating districts.
Preparation and skills through a special seminar that is specific to child welfare practice
Opportunity for full-time employment (with salary & benefits) as a caseworker
On-going professional development and the potential to become a leader in the field
Multiple long-term opportunities for student loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement for graduate degrees

Participating Schools:
Schools partnering with the program include the College of St. Rose, Marist College, Keuka College, Dominican College and the University at Albany.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?
Currently be a junior & social work major
Have at least a 3.0 in social work classes and an overall GPA of 2.5
Plan to be a matriculated senior in the field 2016-2017, graduating in May 2017
Understand that the program requires attendance at a seminar to be held throughout the academic year AND a two-year work commitment upon graduation
Be aware that residency requirements vary county by county and will be discussed at the information sessions.

What Makes a Successful Candidate?
We are looking for students with a passion for social work and a desire to serve one of our most vulnerable populations: children and families in crisis. Child welfare professionals do the meaningful work of engaging with families and protecting children. Successful candidates demonstrate empathy, cultural understanding, flexibility, and resilience. They also have the ability to work well with others and to think creatively.

Please contact Marilyn Rooney ( for information on both programs.