Service Learning & Internships

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UAlbany Internship and Service Learning Opportunities

What is an "internship"?

An internship is a work-related learning experience intended to develop hands-on skills within a certain occupational field. An international internship will also provide exposure to international business and culture, gain valuable knowledge of other customs while increasing your self-confidence, characteristics often desired by prospective employers.

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What is "service learning"?

Service learning is a process where students learn and develop through active participation in organized service experiences that meet community needs. It provides students the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge in real life situations while gaining valuable hands-on work experience.

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What is the difference?

Service learning is intended to provide a direct benefit to the community served, whereas an internship is usually more focused on gaining work experience. The level and type of duties assigned may vary widely. In some cases, students may be responsible for an entire project, while others may only handle a small piece of a larger initiative.

What type of service learning/internship opportunities do you offer? How many credits can I earn?

Opportunities are available in different formats. Some are optional within an existing University at Albany program abroad – before, during, and/or after the study abroad program. Some programs require students to take regular academic courses in addition to the service learning component, while others do not.