Registering for Classes

Registering for classes your first semester back home


The University at Albany or your home SUNY campus's Office of International Education can only register you for study abroad credits.  If you are not a University at Albany student, check with your home campus about how to register for your first semester after you return from overseas.

Advance Registration

You are encouraged to advance-register using the procedures in place at your home campus.  University at Albany students do not have to advance-register, but are strongly advised to do so. 

Each semester, you are issued a new AVN (Adviser Verification Number) for registration purposes.  To advance-register, you need your AVN for the coming semester. Obtain it from your academic adviser by email.  For summer and fall, AVNs are available by March.  For winter and spring, ask in late September.

Even before you receive your AVN, you can plan your schedule using the UAlbany Schedule of Classes:

Once you have your AVN and the Schedule of Classes, you can choose courses and register online.  You must register yourself for the courses that you wish to take via your own MyUAlbany student account. 

The registration steps are as follows:

  1. Email your academic adviser to ask for your AVN.  You should meet with your adviser before you go away, and/or correspond with him or her while overseas, to discuss your course preferences.
  2. Log into your MyUAlbany student account, select Academics, then Enter My AVN, then enter it.
  3. Verify that you do not have any holds that will prevent you from enrolling.  Deal with any holds: contact the office listed in connection with the hold and act fast to remedy the situation.
  4. Enroll, Add/Drop courses, once your Enrollment Appointment opens (based on # of credits).     

Special Notes to UAlbany Students:

You, not the Registrar, nor the Office of International Education, are fully responsible for your course selections. 

Some study abroad programs end after classes for the next semester have already started at the University at Albany.  If your overseas program dates leave you missing a few days of the semester, contact your professors, and seek arrangements for you to work ahead or otherwise “make-up” any missed assignments.

Holds on Registration

If you have any holds at your home campus, you will not be able to register for study abroad.  If you have any holds added while you are overseas, no one will be able to register you for the second semester that you are away (if you are participating in an overseas program for the full academic year).  Therefore, be certain that you return all of your library books and that you have no outstanding bills or tickets before you go away.  Holds disrupt planning for and returning from study abroad.  If you cannot be registered, then you cannot officially enroll in your study abroad program, and your financial aid may be canceled.

If you have unpaid charges from your period of study abroad, and you do not make arrangements to have them paid in full, then the Office of International Education will not release your credits and grades from study abroad and will also have holds placed on your records at the University at Albany and/or at your home campus.

Planning for Student Teaching

If you are enrolled in a teacher education program, try to make arrangements for your student teaching assignment before you go abroad.  Contact the Department of Teacher Education early in your planning.

Pre-Med, Pre-Law, and Other Professional Program Students

Contact the appropriate offices to learn of the proper procedures and deadlines for paperwork, exams, and interviews.  Many professional exams can be administered overseas, but proper arrangements must be made in advance.


Last modified 02/16/2015