Graduating Seniors

UAlbany Students: If your last semester of study abroad is also going to be your last semester before you graduate, you will need to complete some paperwork for degree clearance. Log on to MyUAlbany, select the Academics panel, scroll down to the Graduation section and click on the Apply for Graduation link. You can also contact the UAlbany Registrar’s Office from overseas for assistance. Click here for more information and deadlines from the Registrar's website.

The first time your "audit" is run, you may not clear for graduation! This is because your registration for study abroad only shows as 15 credits of GINS coursework. However, when the Office of International Education sends your grades and your Overseas Credit Equivalents Form to the Registrar at the end of your program, your overseas courses will have actual UAlbany equivalents and, if you have planned well, there should be no problem in clearing for graduation at that time.

We cannot guarantee that your grades from overseas will be processed by the Registrar's deadlines. The Office of International Education at UAlbany needs to have your credits and grades from overseas by mid-June if you are hoping to earn a May degree. If we don't have them in time but they come in over the summer, you will probably get an August degree. If you are planning to graduate in December, we need your grades by mid-January.

We can guarantee that if we have all your grades and you have sent us your Overseas Enrollment Report Form with course descriptions early in your last semester overseas, we will give them our first priority and should be able to get your Transcript Supplement and your Overseas Credit Equivalents Form to the Registrar in a matter of days. You can help us get your grades quickly by making sure that you have filled out any releases required by your host university overseas. If there is a program director at your site overseas, tell that person that you are a graduating senior and ask them to help speed your grades to us if possible.

If you are studying on a SUNY program that is not administered by UAlbany, then be sure to follow the procedures that you are given so that your grades are sent promptly to the administering SUNY campus as they will prepare your Transcript Supplement.

Deadlines for Filing for Degree Clearance at UAlbany:

For the most current information check the Registrar's Office website.


Last modified 2/12/2015