Coord. with Graduation Reqs

Coordinating study abroad with your graduation requirements

Requirement to Earn Credits "In Residence"

The University at Albany requires all degree-seeking students to complete any 30 of the last 60 credits of coursework toward their degree while they are physically on campus. For students who study abroad for two semesters during their last two years, the residence requirement is more generous: any 30 of the last 69 credits cleared must be completed physically at UAlbany. This means that you may complete more than 30 credits overseas. The 30 residence credits can be completed at any time during your last two years, so you can study abroad during your junior or senior year, or both. If you have any reason to believe that you may have problems satisfying UAlbany’s residence requirements, please contact for assistance.

Overseas Coursework and your Audit

For UAlbany students, in addition to your Transcript Supplement, another document will be sent to the Registrar which establishes course equivalents for the work you have taken overseas. This document is only prepared for UAlbany degree-seeking students: students attending other schools should check with the Office of International Education at their home campus for similar paperwork. Ultimately, it will be your fully completed Overseas Enrollment Report Form, which is subject to revision with the consent of your academic adviser and UAlbany’s Office of International Education, which determines how your overseas coursework will count.

Unlike the way courses show on your audit when you advance register for classes at UAlbany, courses taken overseas will only show once the grades from overseas have been posted.

This Overseas Enrollment Form lists the actual coursework you have taken overseas. Depending upon their content and level, the courses you have taken overseas may be included in your major or may satisfy other requirements. Courses taken overseas do not have to have exact equivalents at UAlbany to count: they may be listed as HIS 030 (a 300 level history course) or ARH 010 (a 100 level art history course), etc. and they will still count toward your degree. They will carry the same number of credits at UAlbany as they were assigned by the administering SUNY campus, even if the corresponding course here carries fewer or more.

You do not need specific approval to receive credit for the International Perspectives or Foreign Language General Education Requirements at UAlbany if you earn appropriate credits in those areas overseas. Any other courses that you wish to have considered as possibly satisfying UAlbany’s other General Education Requirements must be reviewed and approved by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Your major adviser cannot make these determinations. General Education credits will be updated at the time your grades from study abroad are posted to your audit.


Last modified 2/06/2015