Alumni Connection

“Connect and Reconnect”

Your international experience doesn’t have to end just because you returned home or graduated. Use your experience to make a positive impact at UAlbany and keep your study abroad adventure alive! 

1.)  Apply for the NEW Albany International Representatives (AIRs) program!

 The goal of UAlbany AIRs program is to give recent UAlbany Study Abroad alumni (past study abroad participants) a platform to spread their contagious enthusiasm for study abroad. AIRs work to inform and inspire prospective study abroad students and help make their study abroad plans a reality.

AIRs help to spread the word about study abroad in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to: campus outreach, class presentations, special events, and social media. 

Why become an AIR? 

  • A chance to talk (non-stop!) about your overseas experience
  • Work experience
  • Polish your skills in public speaking, presenting, marketing, event planning and more…!
  • A potential positive reference letter
  • An opportunity to help create a legacy of study abroad at UAlbany and beyond!

If you are a past study abroad participant from UAlbany and are interested in applying for the AIRs program, please submit an application through the following link: Albany International Representatives Program (Application)

2.)  Share stories

Students are encouraged to submit stories and photos depicting their experiences abroad. We have an area on our website called "Student Testimonials" where you can tell your story and share your pictures. You can also link your pictures to our Facebook page

3.)  Where are you NOW?

Did your study abroad experience make a significant impact on your current career choice? Or, did your overseas experience help open up new career opportunities? Tell us what you are up to and how your study abroad experience helped get you there. 

4.) Give Back

If you feel your time abroad was a valuable experience, please consider giving back to the UAlbany Office of International Education to help support and promote study abroad to more students.

Haven’t studied abroad yet? Talk to someone who has!

 Most study abroad alumni love to talk about their experiences. If you would like to be put in touch with a past study abroad participant for a specific program, feel free to contact us at

We hope that hearing the voices of our alumni will inspire you to embark upon your own overseas experience!