About Us

Our Mission

  • Leading the University at Albany's charge to place the "World Within Reach" for its diverse student community.

  • Education Abroad aims to make accessible the opportunity of studying, researching, interning, and serving abroad to all students, and to improve every aspect of this experience, so that University at Albany students reap the greatest gains in academic, professional, and personal development.

Our Values

  • Academic rigor and curricular relevance

  • Cultural awareness and respect for others

  • Financial affordability and sound fiscal stewardship

  • Fostering a healthy sense of adventure and commitment to lifelong learning


Our Staff

Education Abroad
Carrie Wojenki Carrie Wojenski
Associate Vice Provost for Global Academic Programs
Phone: 518-591-8172
Renee Lucier Decelle Renée Lucier DeCelle
Director of Education Abroad
Annette Richie Annette Richie, PhD
Director of Global Academic Programs
(International Studies Minor Academic Adviser and International Applied Learning Advisor)
Phone: 518-591-8172
Jacqueline Ledermann Jacqueline Ledermann
Assistant Director of Global Academic Programs
(Fulbright Advisor)
Phone: 518-591-8172
Carmeisha Huckleby Carmeisha Huckleby
Program Coordinator
Phone: 518-591-8172
Andy Martinez Andy Martinez
Program Coordinator
Phone: 518-591-8172
Jay Stokes Jay Stokes
Program Coordinator
Phone: 518-591-8172 jstokes@albany.edu
Marianne Macaluso Marianne Macaluso
Administrative Support
Phone: 518-591-8172
John Teevan John Teevan
Global Academic Program Assistant
Phone: 518-591-8172
Carlos Vela Carlos Vela
UAlbany Madrid Program Director
Lilliana de la Luz Lilliana de la Luz
UAlbany Madrid Program Assistant