Get Involved

Community Standards offers some of the best professional development opportunities and a great forum to make meaningful contributions to the University. Our office welcomes the active participation of students, faculty, and staff in our student conduct processes. 

Student Conduct Board Member
Student, faculty and staff members who hear student conduct cases, decide whether or not the Respondent is in-violation/responsible of violating the prohibited codes of conduct in Community Rights & Responsibilities. The Board then determines an appropriate sanction, if applicable. All Student Conduct Boards function under the supervision of  professional staff member in Community Standards.

UCAB Facilitators 
Student, faculty, and staff members who facilitate a restorative justice practice to resolved conduct cases. Certain code violations lend themselves to a meeting with the University Community Accountability Board (UCAB). Student, faculty, and staff facilitators work with referred parties and those individuals impacted by the referred student’s behavior. These meetings culminate in the creation of an agreement by which the referred party can right the wrongs they committed when violating the Community Rights & Responsibilities.

To Volunteer:
All volunteers are required to attend a one day basic compliance training by the SUNY Student Conduct Institute and then maintain annual training/educational credits there after. If you would like to volunteer for one of the above positions, please contact [email protected]