Community Re-Engagement (CoRe) Program

In keeping with the restorative justice philosophy of Community Standards, any student on Disciplinary Probation has an opportunity to participate in the Community Re-engagement (CoRe) Program. CoRe is a voluntary, self-directed program. It is designed for a student to demonstrate that, in the period following a serious violation of the code of conduct, the student has taken steps to reflect on their behavior and become productive and engaged members of the University Community. Successful completion of CoRe will allow the student to have their Disciplinary Probation end early.

Any student on Disciplinary Probation can participate in CoRe. However, students are encouraged to begin participating in CoRe as soon as soon as their Disciplinary Probation begins. After completing a minimum of three months of Disciplinary Probation (excluding Winter & Summer Sessions), without incident, students can submit their completed CoRe Program Packet to Community Standards.

Below are links to the documents that make up the Core Program Packet.