Resolving a Conduct Case

Your case will likely be resolved in one or more of the following manner:

Administrative Review
The student meets with staff and does not contest the allegations and desires to resolve the case with the administrator he or she meets with. The administrator assigns an appropriate sanction. Incidents that occur in the residence hall, involve resident students, and are consider less serious will very likely be resolved by the Residence Director, Quadrangle Coordinator or Apartment Coordinator. More serious cases and cases involving off-campus students will be referred to the Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility for resolution.

Student Conduct Hearing
Either the student or the staff may decide that the referral warrants a hearing before a judicial body of students, faculty, or professional staff hearing officers. This decision is based on the seriousness of the allegations or in cases where the Referred Party’s (student) perspective on the incident varies greatly from the Referring Party’s description. Students who are sent to a Student Conduct Hearing will meet with a staff member from the Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility.

As the Referring Party, you will be present at the hearing to support the description in your referral and to provide any evidence that you may have. As the Referred Party, you must be prepared to provide your perspective regarding the allegations of misconduct. Both the Referring and Referred Parties may choose to prepare an opening statement, questions for the other party, and a closing statement. You should also be prepared to answer questions posed by the other party as well as members of the judicial body.