How to Form a New Group

Itís easy to form a new group at Student Association if you have five interested people (including yourself). Just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Draw up a constitution.

    You can get a sample constitution from the Administrative Assistants at the front desk in the Student Association Office in CC 116. Your constitution must include:
    • The name of your organization
    • Its purpose
    • Membership requirements (open membership)
    • Its form of government
    • Provision for meetings- provided that the group will meet at least once per semester
    • The definition of quorum (must be 2/3 of the group's general membership)
    • Provision for dues, if desired
    • Provisions for impeachment of officers (generally impeachment is for neglect of duties, removal is determined by a 2/3 vote of the members)
    • Provisions for amendments
    • Provisions for ratification
    • Provisions for elections
    • Provision for funds

  2. Register Your Group

    Fill out a group registration form containing the contact information for your group's E-board members.

  3. Sign and date the certification statement:

    • "The group has voted to observe the rules established by the Student Association for the coordination of organizations"
    • "The group has voted to observe the rules provided for in the Student Guidelines, with regard to reservation and use of university facilities (rooms, equipment, etc.) can be found on the Student Involvement website"
    • "The group is composed largely or entirely of full time, student activity fee paying students"

  4. Obtain a Faculty Advisor

    As per the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, all recognized groups are required to obtain a faculty or staff advisor. To find out more about this please visit this website.

  5. Submit files to the SA Student Affairs Director

    Once steps 1-4 are completed, one of your group officers will submit the constitution, group registration, and the certification statement to the SA Student Group Affairs Director. Upon receiving these documents the SA Student Group Affairs Director will submit your constitution for approval to the Student Association Chief Justice.

    Upon approval of your constitution, you will need to meet with the Student Group Affairs Director for a brief overview meeting of your group's e-board upon which 2/3's of the e-board is required to attend.

  6. Temporary Recognition

    It is then up to the SA President and the Student Group Affairs 'irector to grant you temporary recognition. If the SA President does not approve your groupís operations, you can appeal to the Student Association Senate, which observes the right to grant operational recognition on final appeal.

  7. Register with Student Involvement

    If your group receives temporary recognition the next step will be to register the organization with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership. The Student Group Affairs Director will forward all documents to the Student Involvement office located in CC 130. Registration is required of all organizations in order to reserve space/rooms, post fliers on the Podium, and utilize other University services.

  8. Permanent Recognition

    Once you have temporary recognition, you may apply for permanent recognition. To do this, you must hold up to 3 meetings and keep minutes and attendance lists from those meetings. A Student Association Senator must be present at one of the three meetings in order for your organization to be considered for permanent recognition. You should arrange this in advance with the Office of the Senate located within the Student Association by emailing the Senate Chair, going into his/her office hours or attending a Senate meeting on Wednesday at 8:30pm in the Assembly Hall and asking/inviting a Senator directly.

    The minutes, attendance list, and Senator attendance form should be submitted to the Student Group Affairs Director, who will work with the SA President to consider your group for permanent recognition. When you hand in your paperwork you must also schedule an appointment with the Student Group Affairs Director.

  9. SA Funding

    Once permanent recognition has been granted you are eligible to submit a request for a "New and Unfunded" budget to the SA Senate Appropriations Committee, which decides on funding. During the first two semesters of being permanently recognized a student group may receive only up to $250 per semester. If the Appropriations Committee approves funding, Senate will vote on it and if approved will assign a department number.

    If you do receive funding, the last step is to gain signatory powers for your President and Treasurer by taking the Treasurer's Exam in the SA office in CC116.