How do I join a group?

All currently enrolled University at Albany students have access to MyInvolvement - just log in with your NetID and password. On MyInvolvement there is a list of all the active student groups on campus including those funded by the Student Association. To join, log in, find the group you're interested and click "Request to Join". Once approved by the group's officers you'll be added to the roster. Please note that some groups on MyInvolvement have requirements before students can join (for example, honor societies). However, NO Student Association funded group can have a limited membership in any way. If you have questions about a group MyInvolvement also has contact information for each organization.

Alternatively, keep an eye open around campus for fliers, tables, and other ways that groups are promoting themselves. Most groups hold open or general interest meetings at the start of each semester.

More information on student groups can be found on the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership website.