To submit a voucher for your group or department, use MyInvolvement


The Student Association, which administers the Activity Fee, operates under the financial guidelines set forth by the SUNY Board of Trustees with regard to Mandatory Student Activity Fees. In addition, our finances are also governed by our own internal control policies. Please see important documents below for more info, and please be aware of the Board of Trustees Policies as well as the Treasurer's Handbook which outlines most of our internal control policies.

For groups to access their finances, they need to be registered into the MyInvolvement Finance system. If they are not on the system, please make an appointment to meet with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership in Campus Center 130 so they can get you started

Some general notes about SA policies are available in the general notes link.

Detailed purchase procedures including the link to the Campus Connection system are included on the purchase procedures link.

As a non-profit, 501 (c) 3, the Student Association is committed to being financially and operationally transparent. SA meets all information reporting requirements as defined in the IRS Tax Code.

If there is anything we can do to help you or make this process easier, please contact us or stop by the office and make an appointment. We know it's a lot to learn and we appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to partnering with you in maintaining a vibrant campus life for students.

SA Comptroller's Office:
PH: 518-442-5640 EMAIL:

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