Department of Student Group Affairs

Miguelina (Meg) Pierre-Louis is a senior at the University at Albany, majoring in Globalization studies with double minors in Business and Public Policy. She was born and raised in Haiti and moved to the United States in 2010. She is a transfer student from Mercy College, and since transferring Miguelina has been extremely involved on campus. In the 2017-2018 academic year, she served as the assistant treasurer and the freedom funds committee liaison for the University's chapter of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement to Colored People). She is currently a proud member of NCBW (National Congress of Black Women), HSA (Haitian Student Association) and Two and a Half. She is a performer with the UAlbany University Choir. She currently interns at Shaye Global, LLC. as an international trade consultant, helping local companies expand their businesses globally.

Miguelina's involvement with Student Association began with an internship with the Student Group Affairs Department in Spring 2018. This department promotes greater engagement between student leaders, advocates on behalf of the student groups to the executive branch and assists students with the creation of new student organizations. Miguelina believes that her involvement on campus allowed her to grow professionally and wishes to help students increase their involvement on campus. She is excited to work for the student body and can't wait to hit the ground running

She is an Emergency Management Intern for the Healthcare Association of New York State and is currently training for her Emergency Medical Technician exam come May. She has committed to Americorps NCCC FEMA Corps program and will serve in Iowa post-graduation. Her overall aspiration is to obtain her Masters of Public Health in Emergency Management and continue to provide safer practices throughout the country."

Please feel free to contact Miguelina or vist her office hours .

Miguelina Pierre-Louis
Director of Student Group Affairs