Executive Assistant

Damilola Adesanya is currently a sophomore at the university from Brooklyn, NY. She is double majoring in Sociology and Communications with a minor in Women Studies. She has been an active student since her freshman year. She has acquired the skills and determination needed to excel in being the Executive Assistant.

She was given the opportunity to be the assistant to the Director of Public Affairs in her first year. This exposed her not just to other opportunities here on campus, but also expanded her oral and written communication skills. Damilola also took the initiative to start a dance class on campus called ‘Own It - Afrobeats’ to represent her culture. She has been able to improve her leadership skills. Through planning events and performing other duties as well as being the UAS Board of Directors, she developed an ability to relate to diverse groups of people. With all this, she successfully manages to demonstrate flexibility in balancing things out.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email her at dadesanya@albany.edu.
Damilola Adesanya
Executive Assistant