Department of Academic Affairs

Amy Zhang is a junior in the Honors College at the University at Albany. She is currently majoring in Business Administration, concentration in Management and Marketing, with a minor in Sociology. She plans on pursuing a career in Human Resources and aspires to become a Diversity and Inclusion professional. Amy was born in the Lower East Side of New York City, but moved to Queens after elementary school.

Since entering UAlbany, Amy has become involved with a number of on campus programs and organizations. She is an active member of the Student Philanthropy Council and Chinese Student Association. As a student caller for the UAlbany Fund, she advocates for alumni engagement with the University to raise funds to support campus initiatives. She partook in the Essential Career Readiness Skills Program and the Elevating Student Leaders Program to develop her soft skills. They showed her the importance of student enrichment outside of the conventional learning space. After completing the programs, she became a Peer Career Advisor Trainee to transform her passion for helping others succeed from ideals to reality.

During her sophomore year, Amy became an intern under the Student Association’s Alumni Affairs department. In her new role as the Associate Director of Academic Affairs, she aims to support student learning and growth through engaging programs. By working with the University community, she plans to create opportunities for students to explore different topics of interest and learn from real life experiences

Amy is always open to new ideas. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email her or stop by during her office hours in the Student Association office in Campus Center West.

Amy Zhang
Director of Academic Affairs