Election Info

Student Association elections are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. The Executive Branch President and Vice President and Senators at Large, SUNY Assembly Representatives and University Council Representative are elected in the Spring. In the Fall, Living Area Senators are elected (Indian, State, Dutch, Colonial, Alumni, Empire Commons, Freedom Apartments, Liberty Terrace and off-campus).

To be eligible to run for a position, you must (at minimum) be a full-time, undergraduate student who has paid the Student Activity Fee, hold a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA (except for new students) and be in good disciplinary standing. For a residence-based position, you must currently reside in that living area. For academic-based positions, you must be a declared major in the relevant division. Any student interested in running for a position must submit a self-nomination form via MyInvolvement.

Voting takes place for two days on MyUAlbany. To vote, 1.) Log onto MyUAlbany. 2.) Click 'Campus Life'. 3.) Click 'Student Elections'.

Fall 2018 Elections
Nominations for Senator are being accepted until 11:59PM on September 15th. The Self-Nomination form can be found on the SA Election Commission page on MyInvolvement under the "Forms" tab.

There is a MANDATORY Candidates meeting on Friday, September 16th at 5pm in Empire Commons. Campaigning begins Saturday, September 17th at 12am. The elections are from Wednesday, September 21st at 12pm to Friday, September 23rd at 12pm.

Information regarding what positions are open can be found below. The number in the parentheses indicates the number of open seats for the specific position. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Elections Commission at saelect@albany.edu

State Quad Senator (2)
Indian Quad Senator (2)
Dutch Quad Senator (2)
Colonial Quad Senator (2)
Alumni Quad Senator (2)
Freedom Apartments Senator (2)
Empire Commons Senator (2)
Liberty Terrace Senator (2)
Off-Campus Senator (8)
First Year Senator-At-Large (2)
Humanities Division Senator (8)
University Council Representative (1)

About the Student Association Senate

The Senate is the legislative branch and is largely responsible for holding the executive branch accountable to you, the students. The executive branch plays the main role of programming, which includes bringing in concerts, creating campus-wide events, helping students with their academic concerns, and marketing of various other SA programs.

The Senate plays a major role in determining how to allocate over 2 million dollars in student activity fees it collects. This is one of the primary roles of the Senate: determining where the money goes.

Senators serve to help guide constituents through the various functions of the Student Association, and often work with student groups on issues such as supplemental funding and permanent recognition.

Senate is the representative body for the undergraduate students on this campus. It can best fulfill that function when as many people as possible choose to participate and help direct the future of the student body.

Senate also plays a role in programming certain community service events as well as other events.