Academic Concern

The Student Association's Office for Academic Affairs wants you to have a strong advocate for your academic concerns, hence the creation of the Academic Concern form. If a student feels that their professor did not follow official academic policies and procedures, then they can use this form to file a complaint. This process is completely confidential, and your name will not be released to anyone.

Academic complaints can range from a professor being continually unavailable for their stated office hours or unfair bias in the class room, of course, we urge you to speak directly with your professor before submitting a concern.

The SA Office of Academic Affairs will confirm the validity of the complaint before officers start seeking action. Action can include reviewing official policies, speaking with professors, talking to university officials, and using other means to find a fair solution.

Lastly, if you feel this issue would be better discussed in person, please feel free to stop by the SA office (CC116) and speak to Josh Ringel, your Academic Affairs Director!

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