Past Due Balances

The delinquent accounts unit of Student Accounts assists students who are no longer enrolled at the University but still have outstanding charges on their accounts.  If you wish to discuss your balance or alternative payment arrangements, please contact our staff at (518) 442-3224 and (518) 442-2563.

Unpaid charges result in holds on your account that prevent the release of transcripts, diplomas, future registration and other University services, and result in referral to outside collection agencies and the NYS Attorney General’s office.  We encourage you to resolve your balance before referral to an agency or the NYS Attorney General’s office.

Balances sent to collection or to the NYS Attorney General’s office are subject to collection fees of 22% and interest.  Click here to learn more about State Finance Law Section 18.  This notice is sent to all students prior to any referral to a collection agency or the Attorney General’s office.

Once referred to collection, the University can no longer accept payment on campus for the balance.

If your account has already been referred to a collection agency or the NYS Attorney General’s office, you must contact that office to resolve your balance.
New York State Attorney General’s Office:           (518) 776-2173

The University utilizes the following external collection agencies:


(800) 724-7500