Frequently Asked Questions

I received my Financial Aid Award. Why isn’t it reflected in my Account Balance on MyUAlbany and

Have you accepted your financial aid on MyUAlbany? Go to
New and Continuing borrowers.  Have you completed the Entrance Counseling at
New Direct Loan borrowers only – Have you signed an Electronic Master Promissory Note at
New Perkins Loan borrowers only: have you signed your Perkins Promissory Note at

I recently submitted documents, have they been processed yet?

It depends.  Check your MyUAlbany To Do list on the “Student Home” page under “Important Notices.”  If there is nothing on it, we have received the requested documents, and you should allow ten (10) business days for processing.  If your FAFSA was recently filed and required no follow up, we generally are able to notify you of your financial aid package within 24-48 hours.  FAFSAs received requiring follow-up will result in a To Do list being generated on MyUAlbany and will require additional time for processing.   

For additional information, see: and step2

I don’t receive Financial Aid, or I have a balance after Financial Aid received. What payment options are available?

E-Payment Plan:
The E-Payment Plan was developed to help students and families meet financial obligations while attending the University at Albany.  Cost of the plan is $45 per semester.  The E-Payment Plan is not a loan program but a way to minimize debt by extending the payment period.   Fall installments are due on 8/15, 9/15, 10/15 and 11/15. Spring installments are due 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, and 4/15.  Missed installments are due on enrollment. The last day to enroll in the plan for Fall is October 15th and the last day to enroll on the Spring plan is March 15th. Visit for more information.

Direct Parent PLUS Loans (For Dependent students only.  Requires the filing of a FAFSA):
For families in need of additional loan options, a Parent PLUS loan is a credit based unsubsidized loan for parents of dependent students. The parent borrower must not have an adverse credit history.  The PLUS loan is designed to assist with educational expenses up to the cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance.  

The PLUS Loan application is a two-step process. The parent must first complete the PLUS credit application then the PLUS master promissory note at See to learn more.

Alternative Loans:
Alternative Loans are private education credit based loans that are offered by some financial lending institutions. Not everyone will be credit qualified for these loans.   Alternative loans are designed to finance your remaining cost of attendance after all other sources of federal and state aid are exhausted. Learn more at

Why isn’t my TAP appearing on my bill?

Have you completed the TAP application process and received an award certificate email from NYSHESC? Visit   to check your TAP application status. It may take up to two weeks for an approved award to appear as pending financial aid on your student account.
Are you enrolled for at least 12 credits at UAlbany, in a degree program?
Are you being billed at the NYS resident tuition rate? View your E-Bill at
Are you a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen?
Have you ever submitted proof of U.S. high school graduation, or the equivalent, to the Undergraduate Admissions Office?
As of the first day of classes do you meet NYS good academic standing requirements? Visit for more information.
If you are a junior, have you declared a major?

My parent was recently approved for a PLUS, why don’t I see the PLUS as anticipated aid?

If your parent was recently approved for a PLUS, you may not see the anticipated aid for a few reasons. Review the following items to see if they relate to your situation.  
The PLUS application was recently completed. If your parent recently completed the PLUS application, monitor My UAlbany to view all award updates. Please be advised the PLUS request will be processed within 7-10 business days. Note:  a new PLUS application is required to process additional PLUS requests.
The PLUS master promissory note (PMPN) has not been completed or was recently completed. If your parent is a new borrower that does not have a valid PMPN on file, he/she will need to complete a PMPN at Once signed, the PMPN is valid for a 10 year period. Generally your parent will only need to sign the PMPN once for your career at the University at Albany. There are circumstances that will require the completion of additional PMPNs. To determine whether or not the PMPN has been completed, refer to your to-do items on My UAlbany.

My parent was denied the PLUS. Why haven’t I been offered the additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan?

If your parent has received an adverse credit decision, an additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan is not necessarily offered. There are several reasons why you may not have been offered the additional funds. Here are few common reasons:

In an effort to potentially have the adverse credit decision overturned, your parent indicated they will be seeking an “Endorser” on the PLUS application. An endorser is someone who does not have an adverse credit history and agrees to repay the loan if your parent does not repay it. For additional information on the endorser application process, visit

On the PLUS application, your parent indicated he/she wishes to “Appeal” the adverse credit decision in an attempt to get the PLUS approved. Your parent will need to document proof of extenuating circumstances to the satisfaction of the Department of Education. For guidance please refer to:

On the PLUS application, your parent indicated he/she is “Undecided” as to what action will be taken regarding the adverse credit decision. Your parent will need to reapply with an endorser, appeal the decision, or submit a letter to the Student Financial Center indicating no further action will be taken to obtain approval of the PLUS.
The adverse credit decision was recently made by the Department of Education. If your parent indicated no further action would be taken to obtain a PLUS approval, please allow for 10 business days for our staff to process the additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan.