Collection Policies and Fees

View Liability Schedules:  HERE

Please Be Advised:

  • Failure to pay tuition and fee charges by the invoice due date will result in assessment of administrative or late payment fees and/or interest and collection charges. Click here to see Section18 Notice.
  • Your registration constitutes acceptance of these terms.
  • For questions or for information on semesters not listed, please contact the Student Financial Center at
  • Click here for details on Past Due Balances.

When you register, you assume responsibility for paying all tuition and fee charges associated with your registration. If you wish to drop a course OR formally withdraw from the University, you MUST login to the MYUAlbany student portal and drop your courses.  Unless you drop or withdraw from your courses by the published deadlines, you must pay tuition and fee charges even if you did not attend a single class.  Failure to do so may result in your obligation to pay for courses you did not attend.  Dropping courses could result in a reduction of your financial aid award, which would increase the amount owed. Please view the tuition liability deadlines for drops/withdrawals.