Authorize Financial Aid to Pay Other Charges

Federal regulations prohibit the use of Federal Title IV Financial Aid to pay certain charges without your authorization. To authorize use of your Financial Aid to pay charges not automatically covered by your aid, if incurred, you must let us know. If you select not to authorize the University at Albany to use your aid to cover these charges, you will be required to pay these expenses out of pocket.

How Can I Authorize My Financial Aid to Pay Other Charges?

To authorize your Financial Aid to Pay Other Charges you must first log into your MyUAlbany portal. Under the tab for "Finances", on the left-hand size, you will find a link that says "FA2Pay: Authorize Use of Financial Aid to Pay Other Charges". After clicking on the link, you must choose either "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not you Authorize the use of your Federal Financial Aid to pay other charges.