Anticipated Aid

Anticipated Aid is financial aid that has not yet been received by the University. Anticipated Aid is a non-cash credit (a deferral) that is posted to your account. This deferral represents loans, scholarships, or other funds that the University expects will be paid to your student account. When paying your invoice, pay only the balance remaining after your payments and anticipated aid have been deducted from your starting balance.

It is your responsibility to take the proper steps to turn your deferrals into payments.

Students should be sure to complete their TAP application for the Fall 2010/Spring 2011 terms.  Step-by-step application instructions are listed on the NYSHESC website.

Please visit the financial aid website for more information on types of financial aid and what you may need to do to secure these funds. Any open checklist items regarding your financial aid can be reviewed on your MyUAlbany site.

Remember: College Work-Study earnings are paid directly to you and may not be used to defer payment of charges on your invoice.

Most aid for Federal and NYS programs is automatically listed on your account as anticipated aid if you completed your all requirements. Some common types of financial aid for which you may need to provide information to the University in order to have it listed as anticipated aid include the following:

Private Scholarships and Grants
A letter from the donor organization that includes the name of recipient, the amount of each semester's award, and the period of study for which the award is granted must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts prior to the payment due date of your first invoice. Scholarships paid directly to you may not be used to defer payment of charges on your invoice.

Tuition Scholarships for Graduate Assistants/Fellows/Interns
Your approved scholarship is awarded by your department. Once you are registered, the Office of Student Accounts and Financial Aid will update your anticipated aid for your award. No award is listed until you are registered.

Please note that graduate student scholarships, stipends, and tuition support programs may impact the amounts of your financial aid awards.

Typically, the University fee, comprehensive service fee, activity fee, athletic fee, and graduate organization fee are not covered by graduate student scholarships or tuition support programs awarded by the University and MUST BE PAID BY THE STUDENT.

Cooperating Teacher/Social Welfare Field Supervision Tuition Waiver Certificates
Your waiver certificate must be RECEIVED by the University's Office of Student Accounts no later than the certificate expiration date and must expire on a date no earlier than the first day of classes of the term for which the certificate is being redeemed. Certificates received after the expiration date will not be honored or returned to you. Cooperating Teacher Certificates that have been transferred must be signed by all appropriate parties in order to be valid. Incomplete transferred certificates will not be honored and will be returned to you. Social Welfare Certificates are not transferable. Further questions about the Cooperating Teacher Certificates can be addressed at the School of Education, 518-442-4986. Inquiries about the Social Welfare Field Supervision certificates can be addressed to the School of Social Welfare, (518) 442-5321.

Please refer to your certificate for additional information regarding redemption regulations.

SUNY Employee Tuition Waivers
An approved copy of your waiver application (B-140W) must be on file in the Office of Student Accounts or be presented no later than the payment due date of your first invoice. You must pay the fees as well as any portion of tuition not covered by the waiver.

UUP Employee Tuition Waivers
Please return the completed ECRP Tuition Adjustment Request form after you register but no later than the payment due date of your first invoice. Be sure to include your payment for mandatory fees and any tuition not covered by this waiver when you send in your invoice and ECRP form. If you are registering under this program you must register for the course during the designated "ECRP Registration Period." The Late Registration fee will be adjusted off your account when the Office of Student Accounts receives your approved ECRP form. If you work at another State campus, you must also provide a letter from your Human Resources Office that confirms your status as a UUP member.

PEF and LEAP Tuition Voucher Programs
Your approved voucher must be signed and submitted and payment of all tuition and fees not covered by your voucher must be received by the Office of Student Accounts no later than the payment due date of your first invoice for the semester. Late receipt of a voucher or payments due will result in the assessment of late payment fees and placement of a hold on your University records.