Late Fee Appeals and Returned Check Policy

Appealing Late Payment and Administrative Fees

Late payment fees are automatically added to students’ accounts who have outstanding balances which have not been paid by the respective due dates. Outstanding balances are equal to the total charges less any anticipated aid. A maximum of 4 late fees (1 administrative fee and up to 3 late payment fees) can be applied to a student’s account each semester. Late fee amounts can range from $2.01 to $50.00, reaching a total maximum amount of $200.00 per semester. See below for details on how Late Fee amounts are calculated.

If you believe there were extenuating circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from making an on-time payment, please complete the Late Fee Appeal Form.
(Please note that you must be a student and enter your NetID and Password in order to complete the form)

Please allow up to two weeks for a decision to be made regarding Late Payment Fee Appeals. Thank you!

Late Fees are calculated as follows:

• Equal to balance owed between $2.01 and $5.00;
• $5.00 fee for balances between $5.01 and $20.00;
• $10.00 fee for balances between $20.01 and $100.00;
• $30.00 fee for balances between $100.01 and $1,000.00;
• $40.00 fee for balances between $1,000.01 and $2,000.00;
• $50.00 fee for balances above $2,000.01.

Returned Check Policy

The charge for a returned electronic payment (ACH Payment) or a returned check is $35. Items can be returned for a number of reasons: insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers or closed accounts. No matter the reason, the returned item charge is $35. Returned items must be redeemed with cash, a certified bank check, a postal money order, or a credit card. After two returned electronic payments or returned checks, Student Accounts reserves the right to restrict payment methods or access to online payment options. As a result, cash, certified bank checks or postal money orders will be the only means of payment.