Understanding Your E-Bill

E-Bills are issued on or about the 20th of each month and payment is due on the 15th of the following month. Paper invoices are not sent throughout the semester, instead you can access your E-Bill at

E-Bill balance vs. MyUAlbany Balance

The balance on your E-Bill is the balance on the day the E-Bill was issued. Any changes you make to your financial aid, enrollment or payments will change the balance owed. A real time balance is available on MyUAlbany on the "Finances" tab under "My Student Account".

If your E-Bill and MyUAlbany account differ, you may pay whichever balance is less, the balance on your E-Bill or your MyUAlbany balance.

Description of Fees

View a comprehensive description of the various fees that may occur on your bill is available.

A Look at Your E-Bill

A look at your e-bill

  1. Invoices are a snapshot of your account activity on the date the invoice was issued.
  2. Payment Plan Enrollees pay four equal installments and do not need to pay the full amount. View installments at
  3. “Previous Balance” is the balance from your last invoice, if unpaid.
  4. A detailed view of “Anticipated Aid” is available on your MyUAlbany Account.
  5. This is a snapshot of your account. For a real-time balance log on to your MyUAlbany page and click on the “Finances” tab.
  6. Important messages should be reviewed each invoice. Messages change each month and contain important information regarding your tuition and fees.