Additional Withdrawal Information for Undergraduate Students

Important Withdrawal Information:

  • All students must drop themselves from whatever classes they do not want to attend—classes are  not automatically dropped for nonattendance or nonpayment of tuition.
  • Canceling a housing or meal plan contract does not constitute a withdrawal.
  • The date of a drop/withdrawal in MyUAlbany will be the date the billing system uses to recalculate your bill.
  • Should a student drop within a refund period, a bill adjustment reflecting a refund will occur.
  • Financial liability is based on your official drop date, not on the last class attended.

Withdrawal From Term and/or University:

UAlbany degree-seeking undergraduates must submit a withdrawal form to the Office of Withdrawal and Readmission, LC 30.  Submitting a withdrawal form does not necessarily mean a refund of tuition.  The effective tuition liability date is the date the form is received or the student’s drop log-in date, whichever is earlier.

Special Medical Circumstances:

Medical withdrawals should be coordinated with the University’s Health or Counseling centers to preserve confidentiality. Medical refunds must be a total term withdrawal.

Under no circumstances will an exception to the refund dates be considered if:

  • The drop/withdraw occurs past the midterm point of the term.
  • Academic credit is being earned within the term that a refund is being sought (summer is considered  one term).
  • The student’s account is already at the Attorney General’s Office for collection.

 Students must drop using MyUAlbany. The date of such drop/withdrawal will establish tuition liability by automatically adjusting the student’s bill within the computer system based on the drop log-in date.  The tuition liability schedule is posted on the Student Accounts website and should be viewed prior to registering. 

Be aware!  Academic deadlines (last day to drop without a W) and refund deadlines (last day to drop with 100% refund) are not the same!  

Students who drop after refund deadlines must consider the below guidelines should they seek an exception to the SUNY refund schedule. 

Standard refund dates are established by SUNY.  The University at Albany is bound to enforce these dates and to uphold the policies that dictate when exceptions can occur.  When the refund periods expire, receiving a full adjustment of tuition charges requires special circumstances.

The following can be considered an exception to the refund schedule as set by State University of New York Board of Trustees (documentation is required):

  • Evidence of a call to active military duty.
  • Evidence of dismissal from the University at Albany prior to the start of an academic term.
  • Evidence of a concurrent registration at another State University (community colleges are NOT  included).
  • Tuition and fees collected in error or in excess of the required amounts (administrative error).
  • Undue hardship that is out of the student’s control, such as medical incapacitation—such exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis (support documentation must be provided).

Examples of appeals for exception to the refund policy that will NOT be approved:

  • I forgot I registered/ was unaware that I registered.
  • I thought I would automatically be dropped if I didn’t show up.
  • No one told me I had to drop/no one told me there was a refund schedule.
  • I never received a bill so I assumed I wasn’t registered.
  • I never set up my UAlbany account, so I assumed you knew I wasn’t coming.
  • I turned my key in, so Housing should have told you I wasn’t coming.
  • Doing poorly in a course/received a bad grade.
  • Found an online class too hard/too much work.
  • Didn’t understand Blackboard.
  • Didn’t have internet access.
  • Course was too intense for such a short time frame.
  • Couldn’t fit classes into my work schedule.
  • Someone told me I was “all set” (always check MyUAlbany for changes to registration).
  • Didn’t have transportation to class/moved away.
  • Had to go overseas.
  • My advisor/professor told me the wrong thing (always refer to your audit).
  • Administrative office told me the wrong thing (everything you need to know is online).

An appeal in writing along with any support documentation should be sent to:
(No money shall be refunded unless application for a refund is made within one year after the end of the term for which the tuition was paid to the University.)

For the Fall or Spring terms:
Office of Withdrawal and Readmission, LC 30
Undergraduate Education
University at Albany, State University of New York
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY  12222

For the Summer or Winter terms:
Office of Summer Sessions, SS 110
University at Albany, State University of New York
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY  12222

A Tuition Appeals Committee meets monthly to review appeals.  Responses are mailed to the student’s permanent address or to an address provided by the student.