Strategic Plan Priority Workgroups

Workgroups will be led by co-chairs, staffed by professional staff and a graduate assistant, and include representation from the University Senate, as well as undergraduate and graduate student representatives. Members of external constituency groups may be asked to join particular workgroups, as appropriate. Each group will draft one of the five strategic priorities:

  • Student Success (Jeanette Altarriba and Ed Engelbride, co-chairs; Jack Mahoney and Doug Sweet, staff)
  • Research (Jim Dias and Simeon Ananou, co-chairs; Satyendra Kumar and Vince Delio, staff)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (Tamra Minor and Eldegard Wulfert, co-chairs; TBD, staff)
  • Globalization (Harvey Charles and Laurie Feldman, co-chairs; TBD, staff)
  • Public Engagement & Community Outreach (Darrell Wheeler and Mark Benson, co-chairs; Jordan Carleo-Evangelist and Alfredo Medina, staff)