UAlbany and Partners Receive $21.2 Million to Increase Effectiveness of U.S. Child Welfare Workforce

family pictureThe School of Social Welfare (SSW)-led National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) has received a $21.5 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau that refunds and extends the work of the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute five years, through 2018.

NCWWI, created at the University at Albany in 2008, is a partnership among UAlbany, the University of Maryland, University of Denver, Michigan State University, Portland State University, and the University of Southern Maine.

The Institute is led by co-principal investigators SSW Assistant Dean Mary McCarthy and SSW Dean Katharine Briar-Lawson, NCWWI Director Nancy Dickinson of the University of Maryland, and Randi Walters, the Children’s Bureau federal project officer. NCWWI’s goal is to increase child welfare practice effectiveness through diverse partnerships that focus on workforce systems development, organizational interventions and change leadership, using data-driven capacity building, education, and professional development.

NCWWI offers:

  • Bachelor and Master of social work degrees traineeship projects with strong university partnerships between schools of social work and child welfare agencies;
  • Leadership academies for supervisors, managers, social work program deans and public and tribal child welfare agency directors; and
  • Intensive state-level organizational interventions to promote comprehensive workforce development.

These components will be supported through a cross-site evaluation, targeted technical assistance, information support services, knowledge management and dissemination activities, as well as an evidence-informed workforce systems development model/framework with associated competencies.