Why Study Social Welfare?

At the UAlbany School of Social Welfare, you can:

  • Build the skills for a productive career in social work through an unparalleled network of community partnerships -- with local and state agencies, social service and health providers, and hundreds of other community organizations.
  • Explore the most pressing areas of social work today: aging, children and families, diversity, addictions, mental health, homelessness and poverty, and other specialties in which the School excels.
  • Students talking outside of the School of Social WelfareMaximize opportunities to participate in high-impact demonstration projects, model programs, and other hands-on experiences.
  • Learn from some of the world's finest practitioners of social work. Our faculty members hold national leadership positions in the profession and earn widespread respect for their research excellence. Many have lead roles in international research.
  • Help to transform social welfare policy, thanks to our location near the seat of New York State government -- and the connections our faculty members have made with lawmakers and government agencies.
  • Take advantage of unique international experiences in countries such as South Africa - then use the lessons learned to improve the lives of marginalized Americans.
  • Benefit from scholarship and fellowship opportunities (the School awards more than 40 scholarships annually)
  • Be part of something larger: a school of social work that teaches skills, models innovation, and catalyzes change.

Learn about the academic programs available and how to be admitted to the University at Albany School of Social Welfare.