What is Social Work?

Have you ever wanted to make a serious difference in the lives of others?

If so, a career in social work could be for you. As a social worker, there are many opportunities available. You might provide individual or family counseling, find services for seniors, help people overcome addictions, assist children with disabilities, or locate affordable housing for homeless individuals. You could work in a vast range of settings, from healthcare, law, educational and a variety of other service agencies.

Some social workers focus on systemic change, working with government and community leaders to strive for economic justice, human rights, the elimination of poverty, and other goals of social welfare policy. Others take faculty positions to conduct research and prepare future generations for careers in social work.

School of Social Welfare Student in an internship helping a clientToday, social work remains one of the most in-demand careers available. Opportunities continue to expand in aging (including the Internships in Aging Project), children and families, substance abuse treatment, mental health, home care, child welfare, juvenile justice, corrections, developmental disabilities, job development, and community organizing.

Clearly, few occupations can match social work for the sheer number and variety of opportunities available. Despite this diversity, all social workers share one thing in common: a profession that offers deep satisfaction -- and the chance to make a profound impact on the world.