Mission, Vision, and Values

In keeping with social work's historic and enduring commitments, the mission of the School of Social Welfare at the University at Albany is to further social and economic justice and to serve people who are vulnerable, marginalized, or oppressed. This mission is implemented through education, knowledge development, and service that promotes leadership for evidence-based social work with a global perspective.

Student and Assistant to the Dean, Candi Griffin-Jenkins talkingAs part of its vision, the School seeks to expand its international leadership by:

  • Increasing its excellence in social work research and scholarship, teaching and learning, and professional service;
  • Broadening its achievements related to multiple kinds of collaboration and community partnerships;
  • Deepening its ability to act strategically in relation to rapid and dramatic social change;
  • Delivering an understanding of the international practice of social work to students; and
  • Furthering its reliance on organizational and programmatic assessment and evaluation for mutual learning, improvement, innovation, and knowledge development.

Above all, the School values are based squarely on the mission of the social work profession. They place a high priority on:

  • Human worth and dignity
  • Social justice
  • Maximizing the well-being and potential of every individual
  • Cultural competence
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Data-driven change
  • Evidence-based field placements
  • Intergenerational practice