Lani V. Jones

Lani V. Jones

Mental Health Practice Black Feminisms and Healing Evidence Based Practice Group Work

The World Within Reach
Lani V. Jones
Associate Professor

School of Social Welfare
Principal Investigator


Richardson 211




B.A. (1992) University of Washington, Seattle
Ph.D. (2000) Boston College
M.S.W. (1994) Boston College

Additional Information

She is the author and co-author of several articles and book chapters, including but not limited to, Jones, L.V & Warner, L. (2011). Culturally responsive group work with black women. Journal of Research on Social Work Practice, 21, 6, 737 – 746; Jones, L.V. (2009). A group experimental investigation of psychosocial competence among black college women. Social Work Research, 33, 3, 129-192.; Jones, L.V. (2009). Black South African psychiatric recipients: Have they been overlooked under the recent democratization? Journal of Health and Social Policy, 24, 1-2, 76-88.; Jones, L.V. (2008). Preventing depression: Culturally relevant group work with black women, Journal of Research on Social Work Practice, 18, 6, 626-634. She is a nationally recognized speaker on mental health practice interventions with traditionally underserved populations and has served on numerous national, state and local health, human and social service boards towards the advancement of social justice for Black women and their families.

Awards and Honors

President's Award for Exemplary Public Engagement, April 25, 2017