Katharine Briar-Lawson

Katharine H. Briar-Lawson

Child and family welfare, poverty and unemployment, community collaboration and service integration

The World Within Reach
Katharine H. Briar-Lawson

School of Social Welfare
Dean Emeritus

Richardson 210



MSW (1968), Columbia University
Ph.D. (1976), University of California, Berkeley

Additional Information

Katharine Briar-Lawson is a national expert on family focused practice and child and family policy. Among her books (co-authored) are Family-Centered Policies & Practices: International Implications (2001), and (co-edited) Innovative Practices with Vulnerable Children and Families (2001), Evaluation Research in Child Welfare (2002), Charting the Impacts of University-Child Welfare Collaboration (2003), Social Work Research (2010), Social Work Practice Research (2010), and Globalization, Social Justice and the Helping Professions (2011), and The Children’s Bureau: Shaping a century of child welfare practices, programs and policies. She chaired the Gerontological Task Force for the National Association for Deans and Directors and served as a past president. In addition, for 10 years she served as a Co-PI of the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute and currently collaborates with its Leadership Academy for Deans and Directors and its National Advisory Board.