Sheena MacGregor-Pilz

Sheena MacGregor-Pilz, BSW '07, MSW '08
LMSW, CASAC, Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, Methadone Treatment Program

Sheena provides one-on-one counseling to individuals struggling to overcome the all-to-common addiction to opiates. The 200+ patients served at the clinic benefit from a combination of prescription medication, daily medical supervision, individual counseling and group therapy.

If you had to condense your current job position into a sentence, what would you say?

Daily 1:1 contact with a 45 person caseload of previously opiate addicted people, assisting these individuals to live drug-free, productive lives.

How did the School of Social Welfare prepare you to enter the profession?

The School gave me amazing internship opportunities (one which led to my job), taught me to respect the rights of the individual and maintain a high standard of ethics.

What about your job/work keeps your passionate about your work?

I'm passionate about my job because every day I see growth in at least one person, no matter how small. Each night I leave work knowing I helped them do that.

What advice would you give a current social welfare student?

Be true to yourself, be 100% THERE at work, stay current on 'new' techniques but don't forget the 'classics'- use what works!

What are your top three self-care activities?

  1. Leave your work at the office
  2. Find a temporary escape (the movies, dance, meditation, reading, nature, etc...)
  3. Enjoy your life!!!!