DuWayne Engram

I am pursuing a career in social work because I have always had a passion for other people. I see the potential of others and realize that some people need support to reach that potential. I was supported in reaching my own goals through social work.

I've had great experiences while attending UAlbany that has elevated my desire to be great in the field of Social Work. I was the first ever student from the Social Welfare program to intern at the NYS Assembly. This internship gave me a wider view of how I can assist families and communities. It also gave me intimate knowledge of the political structure of our state and how that effects our profession and clients. I am currently interning at LaSalle School. Here I work with older adolescents who are in residential placement. I conduct individual sessions to give recommendations, implement intervention strategies, and tutoring. I advocate for needed resources and services, and promote self-sufficiency among my clients. I was a part of the Undergraduate Social Welfare Steering Committee at UAlbany and Baccalaureate Social Welfare Association (BSWA). I've been a part of the best Social Welfare, thanks to my wonderful classmates.

The Social Work aspects that interest me most are community organizing, education and youth. Upon completion of my degree program I would like to obtain my LMSW license and operate on a macro level where I can advocate for resources for college students or advocate for resources for youth. I also want to continue working with college readiness and access programs in Utica, NY.